Gia Shavdia

CEO and founder of Phasis Oil LLC / Owner of Streamtrade SA Geneva


Gia Shavdia, a seasoned Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Oil and Fuel Trading Specialist, born in Tbilisi, Georgia, on June 9, 1961. His career journey is characterized by a commitment to innovation, leadership, and excellence across a diverse range of fields.


Mr. Shavdia’s academic background is marked by distinction. In 1984, he completed his specialization in “Bio-Medical Electronics,” followed by the attainment of a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Medical Electronics) in 1989.

Professional Journey

1984 – 1986

Early in his career, Mr. Shavdia served as a faculty member, instructing in the field of Medical Electronics Engineering at the renowned "Polytechnic University" in Tbilisi, Georgia.

1989 – 1992

Venturing into the world of international trade, Gia Shavdia co-founded Association TOROLA and TOROLA S.A. Lugano, engaging in import-export activities focused on IT and peripherals within the USSR.

1992 - 1998

During this period, Mr. Shavdia played an active role in crude oil trade and state loan settlements between Eastern European countries and the USSR through his involvement in “Turifin” AG Zurich and “Gico Investment.”

1994 - 2002

His influence within the oil industry grew as he secured exclusive rights for diesel transshipment through ownership in "Progetra SA" Lugano, marking a significant phase in his career.

2003 & 2016

His vast experience in trading oil and fuel extended to transit operations of crude oil and oil products through Georgian ports. He has continued to demonstrate his expertise in the field of energy, including supplying jet fuel and diesel for NATO and ISAF contingents in Afganistan.

2016 - Current

Gia Shavdia as CEO of Phasis Oil LLC and shareholder of Streamtrade SA Geneva, has been actively involved in the oil industry and centers around the development of a cutting-edge oil refinery in Georgia, in collaboration with industry leaders like Royal Dutch Shell, Axens, and Technicas Reunidas, Deloitte, Caterpillar. This strategic partnership underscores his dedication to advancing the field of oil refinement in the country.